Lowey Seeks Court Appointed Special Master to Protect Child Abuse Victims of Dr. Archibald at Rockefeller University Hospital

by | May 13, 2019 | News | 0 comments

 The Chief-Leader, public and municipal government workers’ paper of record, helped spread awareness of the important change in New York’s Child Sexual Abuse law with an interview of Lowey’s President and CEO, Barbara Hart.  Hart is prosecuting claims against Rockefeller University Hospital and Dr. Reginald Archibald who, is accused of, for nearly four decades, beginning in the 1940’s sexually abusing thousands of then young boys.

This case is possible because of a recent change in New York law known as “The Child Victims Act” which grants a one-year period for claims of sexual abuse from long ago.

Ms. Hart spoke about the defendant Hospital’s attempt to gain information regarding the potential victims by mailing letters to Archibald’s patients and asking about their interactions with Dr. Archibald. 

“The lawyers for the hospital need to be stopped from interviewing survivors who are not represented by counsel.”  Barbara said.

Ms. Hart is fighting for a special master to be appointed so all victims of Dr. Archibald’s alleged abuse, as well as the surviving families of deceased victims, receive notice of the change in the law from a neutral party.  The court appointed party would also oversee the preservation of defendants’ records and archives.

“People should be getting neutral information from a neutral court-appointed master giving them information about their rights and the resources available to them”

 The full story is available through this link: http://thechiefleader.com/news/news_of_the_week/a-rockefeller-university-doctor-linked-to-abuse/article_baa7fd46-57bc-11e9-a59e-636abf389985.html