Lowey President Barbara J. Hart Comments on Rockefeller University Report

by | Jun 4, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Rockefeller University Hospital’s investigation concedes the decades long abuse of children by its physician.  Barbara J. Hart, Lowey Dannenberg’s President, who represents many of the former patients commented on the Hospital’s concession in a report published yesterday in the The Chief.  Ms. Hart stated:

“The report concedes both his reprehensible conduct and the fact that they should have known and were on notice from very early on,” she said in an interview. “While they had to concede both that his conduct was child abuse and that there were early warning signs, I find it offensive that they tried to showcase purported legitimate medical services, which there is no indication that cured anyone, came out with any research that was legitimate, and that the research project itself did anything but give him extreme access to children.”

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