Lowey Joins the Thirty Percent Coalition to Promote Boardroom Diversity

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Homepage, News | 0 comments

June 2018 — Lowey joins the Thirty Percent Coalition, advocating for diversity in corporate boardrooms. Membership includes Institutional Investors, representing more than $3.2 trillion in assets under management.

Barbara Hart, President and CEO of Lowey noted that joining the Thirty Percent Coalition reflects that Lowey shares the values and goals of its institutional investor clients. “Inclusion is a commitment of our clients; is good for performance and we stand with this commitment.”

The Coalition’s members include public and private companies, institutional investors, government officials and advocacy groups working to increase gender diversity in senior leadership and the corporate boardroom.

Institutional investors, which include major pension funds, investment managers, religious investors, and mutual funds are actively advocating for board diversity. They believe that diversity, inclusive of gender, race and ethnicity, is critical to an effective board and a dimension of sound corporate governance. To date, clear and identifiable results have been achieved — following the Coalition’s Institutional Investors’ initiatives more than 150 companies have appointed a woman to their boards for the first time and, in many instances, a woman of color.

Corporate Partners: A growing group of public and private companies across the corporate landscape are supporting the belief that diversity on their boards and in senior leadership lead to better company performance and governance. The Coalition’s corporate partners are advocates for diversity and find support from the Coalition in achieving their goals.

Advocacy Organizations: Many of the Coalition’s members also advocate for and support women and minority senior executives. These members provide ample talent resources to companies for board candidates, challenging the idea that qualified female and minority board candidates are in short supply.

The Public Policy initiative continues to explore and implement ways in which the Coalition can engage public officials to assist in driving the gender diversity mission. Collaboration also continues with member organizations supporting initiatives in a number of state legislatures considering board gender diversity resolutions.