Lowey files Consumer Class Action against Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation

by | Jan 9, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Lowey Dannenberg P.C. has filed a class action in the Supreme Court of New York at Dutchess County, seeking to redress the deceptive business acts and practices of Central Hudson that have caused thousands of New York consumers to pay considerably more for their electricity and their gas than they should otherwise have paid absent Central Hudson’s misconduct.

The Complaint alleges that from August 2021 to present day, Central Hudson has engaged in deceptive and improper billing practices affecting consumers who reasonably expected their electricity bills to coincide with market rates, New York State revenue taxes, their average electrical energy consumption, and other factors, as represented to them by Central Hudson in the agreements between them and the Company. In reality, however, the electricity and gas bills that Central Hudson issued to consumers grossly deviated from commodity market prices and did not coincide with changes in the market price for electricity. In addition to the billing issues, Central Hudson engaged in a slew of other deceptive and improper practices, including among other things, failure to read consumers’ meters, unlawfully withdrawing funds from their personal bank accounts, and billing consumers exorbitant amounts for electricity and gas they did not receive or consume. These pervasive issues have caused New York consumers financial hardship putting them in financial predicaments by no fault of their own.

Recently, the New York Office of Investigations and Enforcement of New York Department issued a 62-page report detailing Central Hudson’s culpability in releasing a flawed billing system that did not remotely meet Central Hudson’s own billing needs and scolding Central Hudson for its lack of transparency with both regulators and consumers alike.

In the Complaint, Lowey Dannenberg, on behalf of its clients, alleges that Central Hudson has violated New York consumer protection laws and common law claims of breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, unjust enrichment, and negligence. You download the full version of the filed Complaint below:

For further information concerning this case, please contact investigations@lowey.com.