Your Privacy: Doe v. FullStory

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Protect Your Health Data – Stand Against Unauthorized Health Data Collection
Are you based in California and a user of Hey Favor/The Pill Club, the popular online birth control and telehealth service?


Your health data might have been compromised. The case Doe v. FullStory, 3:23-cv-00059 (N.D. Cal.) alleges that while you were seeking healthcare services, like purchasing birth control, your sensitive health data was secretly collected and used by Meta Platforms, Inc., TikTok, Inc., and FullStory, Inc.


This Is About Your Data, Your Health, Your Privacy!

If you’re concerned that your private health information might have been mishandled, it’s time to take action. This lawsuit seeks to hold these companies accountable for the alleged unauthorized and covert collection of users’ private health data.


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Defend Your Privacy: This is an opportunity to stand up for your right to privacy, especially regarding sensitive health information.


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