Privacy Alert: Tracking & Surveillance Technology Monitoring the Use of Popular Websites

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Lowey Dannenberg is investigating the use of tracking and surveillance technology, including Session Replay software, across many popular websites. Session Replay software is a form of tracking and surveillance technology used by many major companies to monitor visitors’ activity on their websites. This software poses a privacy risk because it tracks and records all of a user’s interactions on those websites, including everything the user clicks, types, enters (e.g., into a form), and hovers over with their mouse. This technology is especially problematic when installed on sensitive websites like online pharmacies and ecommerce sites, where users enter medical or financial information.

If you visited any of the following websites your private information may have been collected without your consent:

    • Adobe
    • Affirm
    • Ally Bank
    • Apartments
    • Betterment
    • Chegg
    • Coach
    • Crate & Kids
    • Cuehealth
    • CVS
    • Done First
    • Dun & Bradstreet
    • E*trade
    • Epicurious
    • Express
    • Farmers
    • Fidelity
    • Geico
    • Hertz Car Rental
    • Instructure
    • Kohl’s
    • Madewell
    • Microsoft
    • Mountain Dew
    • Okta
    • Pottery Barn
    • Red Cross
    • Rocket Money
    • ShopRite
    • Staples
    • The Honest Company
    • The Loft
    • Twitch
    • U.S. Bank
    • Vivino
    • Wayfair
    • Wine Enthusiast
    • WordPress Walgreens


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