Michigan General Motors Driver Privacy Investigation

Registration Deadline:

Attention Michigan Drivers Operating GM Vehicles:

Is Your Car Relaying Your Driving Data Without Your Consent?


In an era where digital privacy is paramount, it is crucial to question: Is your vehicle tracking your driving habits and sharing this data with data brokers and insurers? Lowey Dannenberg, P.C., an experienced privacy law firm, is currently investigating allegations against General Motors (“GM”) for potentially breaching consumer privacy laws.


Our Investigation Focuses On:

Data Collection: We are scrutinizing whether GM is capturing driver information without notifying consumers or securing their permission.

Data Sharing: Our investigation extends to whether this collected data is being disseminated to data brokers and insurance firms, possibly influencing your insurance premiums.

Privacy Violations: We are assessing if such practices contravene consumer privacy statutes and other laws.


Are You a GM Driver?

Specifically, we are reaching out to individuals who own or lease vehicles from GM, model years 2015 and newer, including those enrolled in OnStar Smart Driver, MyChevrolet, MyBuick, MyGMC, and MyCadillac services.


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