Automaker Privacy Investigation

Automaker Privacy Investigation

Is Your Car Sharing Your Driving Data Without Your Knowledge?

Are you concerned that your car might be collecting information about your driving habits and sharing it with insurance companies? Lowey Dannenberg P.C. a leading law firm is investigating several major automakers who may be violating consumer privacy laws.

Here’s what we’re looking into:
• Data Collection: We’re investigating whether automakers are collecting driver data without informing consumers or obtaining their consent.
• Data Sharing: We’re examining if this data is being shared with insurance companies, potentially impacting your insurance rates.
• Privacy Violations: We’re evaluating if these practices violate consumer privacy laws and regulations.

Are you a driver who owns or leased a car from one of these brands?
– General Motors ( Enrolled into OnStar Smart Driver including MyChevrolet, MyBuick, MyGMC and MyCadillac)
– Ford,
– Honda,
– Acura,
– Hyundai,
– Kia,
– Subaru, and Mitsubishi

Concerned about your privacy rights?
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