Wabtec Corporation Data Breach Investigation

Wabtec Corporation Data Breach Investigation

Lowey Dannenberg is investigating claims for violations of the common law and state consumer protection statutes by Wabtec Corporation (“Wabtec”), as a result of a data breach involving highly sensitive Social Security numbers and driver’s license/state ID numbers.

If you received a notice letter, wish to participate, learn more, or discuss the issues surrounding the investigation please fill out the contact form below or please contact one of our attorneys at (215) 399-4782, or via email at investigations@lowey.com.

What Happened and What Information Was Involved:

Wabtec is a global provider of equipment, systems, and services with a focus on the transportation sector.

Wabtec recently announced that on June 26, 2022, Wabtec discovered that certain systems and data were encrypted, and subsequently determined the cause was malware. Wabtec’s investigation determined that malware was introduced into certain systems as early as March 15, 2022. Wabtec’s forensic investigation revealed that a certain amount of data was taken from certain Wabtec systems on June 26, 2022. On August 24, 2022, the attacker began posting data purportedly belonging to Wabtec on its leak site.

On November 23, 2022, Wabtec received the first round of data review results provided by their data review firm. Wabtec began analyzing the data and confirmed that personal data was impacted by the incident. The information impacted varies by individual but includes:

  • Names,
  • Social Security numbers, and/or
  • Driver’s license/state ID numbers.