Pepsi Bottling Ventures Data Breach Investigation

Pepsi Bottling Ventures Data Breach Investigation

Lowey Dannenberg is investigating claims for violations of the common law and state consumer protection statutes by Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC, as a result of a data breach involving highly sensitive data, including financial account information, driver’s license numbers, Social Security Numbers, and medical history.

What Happened and What Information Was Involved:

Pepsi Bottling Ventures is the nation’s largest privately held manufacturer, seller, and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages. The company has 18 locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures recently announced that on January 10, 2023, the company learned that unauthorized activity was reported on their internal IT systems. Based on their preliminary investigation, an unknown party accessed those systems on or around December 23, 2022, installed malware, and downloaded certain information contained on the accessed IT systems. The last known date of unauthorized IT system access was January 19, 2023.

According to Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the impacted information varies by individual, and may have included:

  • First and last names (including individual and/or parents’ legal surname prior to marriage);
  • Home address;
  • Email address;
  • Financial account information (including a limited number of passwords, PIN codes, or other access numbers);
  • State and federal government issued identification numbers such as driver license numbers, ID cards, social security numbers and passport information;
  • Digital signatures; and
  • Information related to benefits and employment, including certain limited medical history, health and health insurance claims, and health insurance information such as policy numbers.

If you received a notice letter or email from Pepsi Bottling Ventures, wish to participate, learn more, or discuss the issues surrounding the investigation please fill out the contact form below or please contact one of our attorneys at (215) 399-4782, or via email at