What Happened and What Products Are Involved:

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission found that IDEXX had a monopoly in the market for point-of-care (“POC”) diagnostic laboratory tests and ordered IDEXX to discontinue its exclusive contracts with certain distributors. In 2015, IDEXX began selling its POC tests directly to veterinary practices.

In order to buy IDEXX products, IDEXX required veterinary practices to enter into restrictive long-term contracts that may have resulted in veterinary practices overpaying IDEXX at least thousands of dollars per year for IDEXX products.

The IDEXX products affected include:
• Analyzers: IDEXX POC diagnostic testing devices or instruments
• Consumables: IDEXX supplies used in conjunction with POC diagnostic testing, such as reagents, and slides
• Singleuse Rapid Test Kits: single use rapid test kits used to run critical in-house laboratory tests

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