Fitzgibbon Hospital Data Breach Investigation

Fitzgibbon Hospital Data Breach Investigation

Lowey Dannenberg is investigating claims for violations of the common law and state consumer protection statutes by Fitzgibbon Hospital (“Fitzgibbon”), as a result of a data breach involving highly sensitive Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and medical information.

If you received a notice letter, wish to participate, learn more, or discuss the issues surrounding the investigation please fill out the contact form below or please contact one of our attorneys at (215) 399-4782, or via email at

What Happened and What Information Was Involved:

The Fitzgibbon Hospital organization provides medical services throughout central Missouri.

Fitzgibbon recently announced that on June 6, 2022, Fitzgibbon detected unauthorized access within their network environment. Though the investigation is ongoing, Fitzgibbon discovered on December 1, 2022, that some patients’ identifiable and/or protected health information may have been accessed and acquired in connection with this incident, including:

  • Impacted individuals’ full names,
  • Social Security numbers,
  • Driver’s license numbers,
  • Financial account numbers,
  • Health insurance information, and/or medical information.